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Product Liability

Consumers should be able trust that  purchased products are safe when used as designed.

Unfortunately, injuries often occur by common products and devices they we use every day. Automobile seat belts and air bags fail to operate. Automobile gas tanks may catch fire or explode. Machinery and power tools fail and cause injuries. Defective chairs and ladders collapse. Household products, toys, equipment, medical prostheses and pharmaceuticals may be designed or manufactured with dangerous defects. The list of potential defective products is endless. Sometimes the failure of these products result in significant injuries or death.

Products liability is the area of law that requires designers, manufacturers and suppliers to pay for injuries to consumers caused by defects and hazards in the products they market. The purpose of products liability law is to ensure that the costs of injuries resulting from defective products are borne by the parties who place such defective products on the market.

If you or someone close to you has been injured by a defective product make sure you keep the product and any packaging, instructions, and labels. These items are important in proving your case.


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