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Automobile & Trucking Accidents

Pursuing a claim for injuries caused by a car or truck accident can quickly become complicated and costly. Some lawyers, due to their lack of skill or resources, may not pursue or explore all available avenues of compensation. Failure to move quickly and efficiently may be fatal to your case.

This is especially true when the accident involves an 18-wheeler or semi-truck. Because large trucks cannot stop as quickly or maneuver nearly as well as a car, the resulting collision often results in more extensive damage than other highway accidents. Other factors that may lead to serious trucking accidents include driver fatigue; mechanical issues; speeding; improper loading and employer negligence. The trucking industry has recently undergone major regulatory changes. Vehicle safety requirements, driver training, hours of lawful truck operation on the road, employment screening, electronic on board computer recorders of accident sequence and public disclosure of safety reporting and violation incidents are all now mandatory under guidelines required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


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